We want to find inspired people like you willing to share their passions with the world!

Our ambassadors program is aimed at all those people who share emotions based on their interests and connect with new people.

We know that within you, there are countless experiences that will be memorable in the lives of others. Because of this we are confident that together we can create an incredible synergy.

Therefore at FellowMe we are completely convinced that your participation will change the way people communicate.


Create community.

Our ambassadors foster the connection between people who share similar interests, so that they can interact and carry out these activities together.

Opportunity areas.

Identify areas of opportunity where FellowMe can be a benefit. We are currently collaborating with Universities and Companies.

What if you form a group of ambassadors in your city?


You can collaborate by sharing our content on your favorite social networks.

Would you love to share your own content? We know that FellowMe ambassadors are totally creative people. We encourage you to become a content creator.


In our Ambassadors program you are THE STAR!

If you decide to be part of our program as an agent of change and want to contribute your enthusiasm and positivity, you will have access to the following benefits.

  • Free PREMIUM features during your participation in our program.
  • Access to your profile and Ambassadors area. You will be able to interact with other enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Access to our advertisers platform. Generate your exclusive ambassador link, in this way you can share it on your digital media. For every click on your link, FellowMe gives you 1 FellowCoin (Equivalent to 1 Pound Sterling) in credit within our advertiser platform.
  • You will be informed of all the new changes and functionalities before they are available.
  • Exclusive access to Ambassador Events.
  • Be part of the FellowMe Family with access to the Founders.

What you think? Are you joining this great adventure?


You just have to register in the form so that we can receive your application to the program, it's that simple.

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