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FellowMe: the social network of genuine connections and real.

In November 2017, a great dream began.

April 1, 2021. Today is the launch of the social network that uses AI to connect us from the real, from our passions, from where life really happens: off the screen.

A technology startup installed in Israel, Argentina and Mexico that seven Co-founders made a reality: Arik Filstein, Shniur Kiesel, Joaquín Luna, Diego Gutierrez, Juan Kiva, Juan Recio and Daniela Elizondo.

With the mission of fighting loneliness, generating authentic connections and using technology with respect for the @user, they developed FellowMe: A social network of people meeting that allows people to live experiences and passions with those who share the same purposes and interests within the reach of a click. Thus, FellowMe seeks to bring virtual relationships to real relationships, functioning as 12 Meeting Apps in 1.

In October 2019 they launched their first demo version to the market and today they are launching their GO TO MARKET VERSION starting in April 2021. The application will be available for Android and iOS for free worldwide and its launch will be focus mainly on Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Israel. Likewise, it is planned to add new LATAM and EUROPE markets in the second quarter of 2021.

FellowMe covers all categories where society develops activities, generate relationships, live experiences, grow and share.

Loneliness is a problem that currently affects us as a society and FellowMe came to take advantage of technology and motivate people to live with passion and share it with others, thus facilitating the search for a new experience, relationship or project of a quickly and meaningfully.

Written By: Juan Recio

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